Reviews of Combe Hay

Since the new generation of our family have taken on the vineyard, we are proud to say that Combe Hay has received immensely positive reviews from critics and consumers alike.

Quotes from Experts and Consumers   

Their 2018 is a revelation…This is the taste of an English summer

Corkage, Specialist Independent Wine Bar and Restaurant, Bath

I really enjoyed the wine, the vine varieties are just the right ones for this area” 

Jean-Marc Leitao, Award Winning Head Sommelier at the Royal Crescent Hotel and Restaurant, Bath

A very interesting wine that’s particularly suited to summer. The German grape varieties made for a gentle  Riesling- type texture. Softly fruited/gooseberryish and felt really well constructed … It also didn’t get acidic on later taste which I often find and don’t like in a young white wine. So – a very pleasant surprise.”

Andrew Nemes, Experienced Wine Enthusiast 

“I love sharing this wine with guests. They are constantly amazed at how wonderful a local wine can be…”

Vicki Atkinson, Local Customer

Reviews in the national and local press

The Saturday Telegraph by Matthew Norman

A good, oaky Combe Hay white…” Click here to read the full review.

Bath Life Magazine              “the Combe Hay white is immensely quaffable…”

The Bath Chronicle and Western Daily Press featured a news story about the vineyard: “If you want a nice dry white, then Combe Hay could be your destination. Tucked away in this quintessentially English village is a vineyard. And its owners are confident that the south west deserves praise for its wine as much as it does for its more traditional West Country tipple, cider.” Read the full article here.

Our 30th Anniversary 2018 Vintage may be available from selected venues – please have a look at the ‘Try the Wine’ page.

All previous vintages have sold out.

If you are interested, please contact us.