Special Event Labels

Weddings, Events, Parties & Corporate Gifts           

Congratulations from the Combe Hay team if you are getting married, celebrating another great event or just having a good old party.

We had Combe Hay wine at our wedding (and more recently, at the christening of our daughter, the next generation) and it felt so special to serve a wine that was so personal, so we wanted others to have that opportunity.

We can personalise the bottles for you by helping design a special label just for your christmas 530wedding, event or party, in line with any theme or colours you have for your special day.  For a wedding you may want the names of the bride and groom and the date for example. The Wheatsheaf Pub, just a field away from the vineyard, makes a lovely location for weddings, so you could have wine from the village where you get married. As we are a small vineyard you will probably be the only couple to have our wine at your wedding that year – an exclusive personal touch that all your guests can benefit from too.

The bottles then also provide attractive long term reminders from the day, either as candle holders on your table (wax drips just add to the effect), or fill them with sand, add a light bulb fitting and shade and you have table lamps to provide happy memories.

Alternatively, we can produce labels with your company’s logo and a message to send out as a personal and local corporate gifts.

To find out more, contact us.

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