Our Environment

Environmental Considerations    DSC_3794 (2)

Managing a vineyard is hard work, but when we look up around us we feel so lucky because it’s such a beautiful place. It’s important to us that the vineyard accentuates and works with its amazing natural surroundings, rather than against them.

That is why we prefer to use more labour-intensive but kinder methods such as strimming DSC_3862or mowing weeds rather than using weed killer, and always pruning and picking by hand.

We are also working to gently manage the woodland near the vineyard and to uncover natural grasses and flowers (including orchids).

In an exciting step in 2019, we welcomed a hive of busy bees to the site. There is a natural stream that runs through the woods and in the future we would love to encourage more nature with a wildlife pond.

If you would like to get involved and make a difference to this beautiful environment, visit our Volunteering page.

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