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For more information, please contact us on or 01373 834156.

The Team

Stephen, Filippa, Iris & Evelyn Ross – We took over the vineyard after moving down from London, when Filippa’s dad wanted to sell it.  Like many, we have always enjoyed a bottle or two, but its been a steep learning curve, and a fantastic one.  Iris came along just as our first vintage was ready, and it was her first trip after leaving hospital to go and taste the wine. Although she slept, we are sure she was absorbing the atmosphere and maybe one day she and Eve will become the next generation to produce Combe Hay wine.

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Felicity Pearson  – There when the first posts were being driven in by the team who put up the lion enclosure at Longleat (very sturdy they were too), Felicity was keen to get back involved, take up the reins and share her experience.

The Pickers – A wonderful group of family and friends, there for the vineyard when the magic time comes, rain or shine, thank you one and all.  If you fancy joining us, please follow us on Instagram or twitter around September-October time for dates and details.


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